Whether you are visiting Las Vegas or you live in Las Vegas, you can be assured that Artistic Kneads Therapeutic Massage will provide you with top quality service and massage treatments provided by professionally certified, licensed therapists.

Artistic Kneads was founded in 1998 and we are proud to say that we retain both clients and therapists from our first years of operation. Our clientele has included visitors to Las Vegas, bridal parties, conventioneers, newlyweds, business travelers, as well as entertainers and famous Hollywood personalities, sports figures, political figures, business people from the music, movie, and television industry, business moguls and world and spiritual leaders.

We offer full 60 or 90 minute sessions – never 50 or 80 minutes – and we never charge extra for advanced massage techniques like deep tissue or shiatsu. You will always receive the same flat rate whether you request a specific technique or have your therapist create a custom massage from a range of modalities.

With Artistic Kneads therapists, you will find a level of skill, professionalism and expertise that is the top in the industry.