Whether it is work or play that has your muscles tense, stressed or just plain tired out, our massage techniques will have you relaxed in no time at all. We offer a wide range of theraputic massages - or the ability to create a fully unique experience just for your specific needs. Therapists are not all experts in every modality, so when you book your appointment just ask and we will be pleased to match you with the best therapist for your specific requests.

The most commonly practiced form of massage, which focuses on the superficial tissue of the body using slow and kneading techniques designed to induce relaxation, enhance circulation and range of motion.

Originated thousands of years ago in traditional Chinese medicine literally meaning finger pressure in Japanese. The pressure is applied with fingers, hands, elbows and knees to pressure points along invisible channels of energy called meridians which balances the flow of vital life force. Gentle stretching can be also be administered in this type of massage therapy.

A technique using elbows, knuckles and forearms but is not limited to these modalities, consequently freeing and elongating the myofascial connective tissue deep to the superficial layer of skin and fascia. The pressure is deep and slow.

Derived from Shiatsu, aids the body to achieve maximum physical performance. The therapist focuses on specific muscles corresponding to a particular sport. Range of motion and stretching techniques are key components. This modality reduces muscle tension, minimizes swelling and soreness, encourages relaxation, and reduces recuperation time. Certain methods spread muscle fibers to alleviate and reduce facial adhesions and improve circulation.

Works meridians (energy pathways) using rhythmic pressing combined with deep stretches, joint movement and palm pressure. Thai Yoga blends Thai massage and yoga principles. These types of massages are performed while a fully clothed client lies on a floor mat, no oil is used. Thai massage can also be done on a massage table.

Aromatherapy, Prenatal, Chair Massage, Tandem and Trigger Point Therapy, as well as a range of additional modalities, are also available.